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Item# Wheelchair-X8

Lifestyles Not Just Wheelchairs

The X8-Extreme is the next generation 4x4 power chair brought to you by IIM. Make no mistake; it is no ordinary power wheelchair.  Locations previously unavailable to other wheelchairs are now available to the drivers of the Extreme.

 After such success with the X4 Extreme, made by Magic Mobility, the engineers collaborated to improve the Extreme even more.  The end result was a faster, stronger, smarter chair; the X8!

We now offer our own fully integrated power seating system. This includes a 12" seat elevator, 50° tilt-in-space, non-shearing recline, and single piece power elevating legrest. This is the lightest power seating system available on the market.  It can be equip with our MPS seat, MPS seat back with solid seat pan, or full rehab seating. Seat sizes range from a 12"x12" to a 24"x20"

 Driving on sand, soft ground, wet ground, or even slippery surfaces presents no problems to the Extreme. This is made possible by the patented passive steering system, a breakthrough in wheelchair design. Simply, no other power wheelchair comes close to the performance of the Extreme on all terrains.

14" Knobby Tires
4 Powerful 4 Pole DC Motors-one on each wheel
Patented Passive Steering System
Almost 1,000 Watts of Power
Massive 75A/Hr Sealed AGM Batteries
Climbs Curbs with ease
400 lb. User Capacity

X4-Extreme Technical Specifications

Length: 46"
Minimum Transport Length: 24"
Width: 27.5"
Floor to Seat Height: MPS:25" Rehab:22"
Seat Depth: 16", 18", 20" (1)
Seat Width: 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" (2)
Backrest Height: MPS without Headrest:22" Rehab: 18"
Armrest Height : 7"-12.5"
Weight including Batteries: 289 lbs.
Battery Type: Group 24, 75 amp/hr
Driving Range: 19 miles (3)
Maximum Speed: 5.5 mph
Turning Radius: 53"
Maximum Curb Capacity: 6"
Incline Capability: 15 degrees
Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs.
(1)(2) 16" and 18" standard sizes, other sizes at additional cost
(3) Depending on terrain, weight of user and condition of batteries

**NOTES: Some technical specifications vary with weight of user, type of terrain, useage, temperature and many other influences. It would not be fair to state exact figures. Innovation In Motion suggests that chair type and suitability are selected in conjunction with a referral from a qualified health professional and that users trial products prior to purchase.

X8-Extreme Options/Accessories

Only some of the options are listed as the list is extensive. See the order form for all options.

DX2 Europa G90T (with rear toggle switches) Chin Control Goal Post Joystick

Sip-and-Puff or

Head Array and



Pediatric Rehab Seat MPS Seat with Solid

Seat Pan and Manual Recline

Rehab Seat MPS Seat with

Manual Recline

Elbow Headrest "Y" Shaped Headrest Contoured Headrest Neck Support Pillow
Lat Supports Gutter Armrests
Butterfly Harness

*Clear table

* Wheelchair Cover

*Joystick Cover

*Back Pack



*Armrest Bag

*LED Lighting System

Luggage Rack    

           -Black                     - Yellow                       -Blue                       -Green


Hardwoods HDTM




30° Power
135° Power Recline
X4 Power Elevating Leg rest

10" Power Seat Elevator
(400 lb. Capacity)






X4-Extreme Testimonials



Off-Road Driving Tips

Where to go today.....
Out into the sun and sand.....

First and foremost, it is crucial that your safety belt is correctly fastened at all times while in your chair to assure the highest level of safety possible.

Driving on soft sand
It is possible to drive the chair on many types of soft and hard sand, however the climbing ability of the chair may be reduced in some angles of very soft sand. It is important when driving on sand not to have too low of a speed. We suggest that speeds lower than 4 are not used. Should any of the wheels start to skid or slip on the sand, continue driving as they will gain traction as the chair moves along. If at all possible, have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required.

                         An extreme change of temperature.....

Driving on snow
It is possible to drive the chair on snow covered surfaces, however this can be a most hazardous situation, so great care must be taken. If at all possible have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required. Never drive the chair at an angle across a snow covered surface. Always drive the chair at speeds no more than speed 3.

                           Now this is steep.....

Steep downward slopes
Before driving down a steep slope, if your chair is equipped with Tilt-In-Space, tilt the seat back to roughly the angle of the slope. This will assist you in going down the slope in a comfortable sitting position and will add grip to the rear of the chair. If your chair is not equipped with Tilt-In-Space, make sure you are sitting as far back in the seat as possible and that your upper body will not fall forward. Never try driving down a slope that you feel concerned about. Always drive straight down a slope, or at a very slight angle if necessary. Never try driving across a steep slope since it is possible to tip the chair over in this situation. If at all possible, have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required.

Steep climbing slopes
Before driving up a steep slope, if your chair is equipped with Tilt-In-Space or Power Recline Backrest, ensure both are in the fully upright position. Always drive straight up a steep slope. Never, if possible, drive sideways up a steep slope. If possible shift your weight to the front of the chair as this will aid the front wheels in maintaining traction. Should the front wheels start to lose traction and start fluttering left and right, continue to drive up the slope at the fastest safe speed. The rear wheels will continue to steer and power the chair. If at all possible, have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required.

                                     It sure looks like a long way down.....

Obstacle climbing
The chair will climb numerous obstacles, but also has some self limiting functions to ensure some level of safety. The center mounting frame for the one piece footplate that is located between the front wheels just behind the fibreglass cowl, limit steps, curbs and obstacles to a height of 4 inches and the rear frame bar to a height of 3 inches. This does not mean that obstacle climbing is limited to these. It means that obstacles greater than this cannot pass directly under the chair. When climbing obstacles, take great care not to tip the chair over.


Driving through water or mud
It is possible to drive the chair through limited depths of water or mud, but great care must be taken to ensure that you do not become bogged or the chair damaged. We recommend that you do not drive the char through more that 2 inches of water or mud. When driving through water, keep the speed low (1 or 2), and if possible drive the chair slowly over a dry surface when exiting the water to limit the amount of moisture that may splash under the chair.

Allowing water to enter the electronics, wiring, motors or Joystick will cause damage to these systems and should be absolutely avoided. When driving through mud, keep the speed of the chair at a moderate pace, so as not to allow the wheels to spin excessively or slow down too much. Driving through water or mud should only be done on flat areas. If at all possible, have an attendant with you at the rear of the chair in case required. Continued use in salt water will cause excessive corrosion, avoid this at all times.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the joystick be mounted on either side, left -handed or right-handed?
A. Yes, the standard DX2 is interchangeable. The slide in mounting stem may be unbolted to swap to either side.

Q. Can I have Driving Lights?
A. Yes, the DX2 may be fitted to operate front and rear lights as well as turn indicators and hazard flashers.

Q. Can I go faster or have more power?
A. No, the Extreme 4X4 has been optimized for it’s speed, torque and battery range characteristics using current technology. To change any of these would mean to reduce one of the others. Magic Mobility strives to keep ahead of the latest advances in technology and incorporate them into our products.

Q. Can the Extreme have Power Tilt-In-Space Seating or a Power Reclining Backrest?
A. Yes, various power options are available including Power Tilt-In-Space, Power Reclining Backrest, Power Elevating Legrests and Tilt-In-Space with the Power Reclining Backrests.

Q. Can the Extreme be pushed manually?
A. Yes, although it is definitely not a lightweight chair, each of its four motors may be individually disengaged and the chair moved by an attendant.

Q. Will I be able to use my existing seat cushion (e.g. JAY)?
A. Yes, a model of our standard MPS seat is available with a flat board seat base to take an external seat cushion or alternatively our new Modular Seating Unit is also available to take an external seat cushion and a clamp on backrest. 

Q. Are there alternative control systems available to drive the Extreme?
A. Yes, a wide range of controls is available from Hand Control Joysticks with external switches to chin and head controls. Ask your supplier for a complete listing.

Q. Is the Extreme waterproof?
A. No. While the electronics systems used in the Extreme are certified to the International Standard IP54, an environmental standard, getting the Extreme 4X4 wet may damage the electronic components and is not recommended. It is possible to drive the Extreme through shallow puddles of water without concern provided caution is used.

Q. Will the Extreme drive on snow?
A. Yes, the Extreme has been used successfully on snow, although on steeper snow covered and icy tracks it is possible for the knobby tires to lose traction.

Q. What sort of suspension does the Extreme have?
A. The Extreme does not need any suspension. It features special low-pressure (4-psi) tires that provide it with all the flexibility and ride absorption that you’ll ever need.

Q. Will it really drive on beach sand?
A. Yes, with the average 154 to 176 lb. adult the Extreme 4X4 can easily cope with soft beach sand. The actual performance, speed and battery life are quite variable when being used on surfaces that require a great deal of power from the chair so these can vary considerably.

Q. How steep an incline can it climb?
A. With a 165 lb. user the Extreme can climb a slope of 1:3.5 or 15 degrees. The performance is improved on the higher speeds but caution must be used so as to not endanger the user.

Q. What colors does it come in?
A. The Extreme 4X4 is available in Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Forest Green, and Realtree AP HD.

Q. I am a quadriplegic and cannot hold a normal ball joystick, are there other options available?
A. Yes, we have a number of joystick ends available including a quad paddle specifically for this use.

Q. Can the Extreme have swing-away leg rests?
A. No, due to the size and required placement of the front driving wheels using swing-away leg rests was impractical. To clear the front wheels when they swing-away meant having the footplates out a further 12" than standard and it was not then possible to rest your feet on them. It is quite practical to use the standard lift off types and simply flip up the footplates to stand up.

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